Restroom Care : Twin Interfold Dispenser

BPW Restroom Care Dispenser
  • Paper tissue is enclosed and therefore not in contact with airborne bacteria - reducing the risk of cross infection
  • High quality, comfortable tissue.
  • Dispenses 1 tissue at a time, reduces consumption.
  • Only touch the tissue you use.

Paper Towels Available
  • Paper Interfold Tissues

Restroom Care : Twin Roll Dispenser

BPW Restroom Care Twin Roll Dispenser
  • Durable Impact rigid plastic with mechanical dispensing design.
  • Holds two rolls up to 5 1/4", extra roll drops in place by pulling the flipper when bottom roll is depleted.
  • Push button or key lock option for easy opening & security.

Paper Towels Available

  • Toilet Rolls

Restroom Care : JRT Dispenser

BPW Restroom Care JRT Dispenser
  • Ensures easy and intuitive maintenance, refilling and use.
  • Specially designed for high-traffic washrooms.
  • Unique tear feature eliminates risk of cutting or scratching hands.
  • Reduces consumption.

Paper Towels Available

  • Paper JRT 9" & 13" roll