BPW Auto Janitor | Sanitizer

Surface Care: Auto Sanitizer/Auto Janitor

The world's most effective automated system for cleaning toilets and urinal surfaces that come in contact with water

  • Kills germs and bacteria; effectively controls germs breeding.
  • Helps prevent blockages by keeping drains, pipes and traps free of organic build-up.
  • Easy to maintain, refill and programme.

Auto Sanitizer Dispenser
Refills Available
  • Sanitizer Bio Purinel
  • Sanitizer Purinel Orange
Auto Janitor Dispenser
Refills Available
  • Janitor Bio Sense
  • Janitor Expressions

BPW Surface Care Floor Cleaner

Surface Care: Bio Floor Cleaner

BPW Bio Floor Cleaner

  • One of the best Bio Floor Cleaner for the washrooms.
  • It removes all kind of uric acid floor & grouts of the flooring.
  • It comes with a pH of 6.5 -7.5 with a pleasant orange fragrance.